November 12, 2020

Metro is seeking feedback to help establish the agency’s next strategic plan. 

In partnership with the Greater Omaha Area Chamber, Metro and other partners continue to gather critical community input to develop a unified transportation strategy called ConnectGO.

“We are excited to work with the Chamber, Metro Smart Cities, the City of Omaha, MAPA and other partners as we plan a more connected, cohesive transportation network together,” said Metro’s CEO, Lauren Cencic. “This collaboration behind ConnectGO will allow us to obtain comprehensive feedback on what our riders and non-riders need and expect from Metro and take an honest look at where we are as an agency.”

Significant public input has been gathered in the last two years through ConnectGO. Regarding transit, we know that our community wants: 

  • A more frequent, reliable, and easy-to-use system
  • More buses in more places
  • More amenities at bus stops, such as benches, shelters, and rider information
  • Land use that supports transit 
  • Better sidewalks near bus stops, stations, and transit centers

Most notably, feedback indicates that people want to invest more in public transit, specifically in transportation measures that align with Metro’s vision of providing equitable access to jobs, health care, and education. 

Metro will incorporate input from ConnectGO’s current Emerging Strategies survey into strategic planning efforts starting in 2021.

Take the ConnectGO Emerging Strategies survey at

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