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Your Ticket to Ride

There are several ways to purchase tickets to ride any Metro service – Riders can purchase paper tickets and tokens or use Umo with a smart card or smartphone app to pay their fare when they board.

Fare purchases (paper tickets, paper tokens, Umo app purchases, Umo card reloads) are nonrefundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

A bus rider pays their fare with a Umo smart card on the reader at the front of the bus


With Umo, riders can board and manage accounts with a smartphone app, or board with Umo smart cards and manage accounts online.

Umo cards are available for in-person purchase at Metro’s office, at ticket vending machines, and online. You can also reload Umo cards at ticket vending machines at ORBT Stations and the Westroads and North Omaha Transit Centers.

Learn more about Umo

Card Users: To add value to an existing Umo card, please visit, or visit one of our Full-Service Vendor locations or a Ticket Vending Machine (see map below for locations). 

App Users: To add value to your app account, please use the Umo app to load funds

Purchase Fares Online

Riders can purchase paper tickets and tokens or a new Umo card online. If you already have a Umo card, please visit to add value to your account.

Click here to Purchase Fares

Pass Programs


University of Nebraska Omaha


UNMC / Nebraska Medicine / Clarkson College

Pass to Class

Metropolitan Community College

CSM 2 Go

College of Saint Mary

K-12 Rides Free

K-12 Rides Free pilot program

Outlets, Vendors + Bulk Fare Purchases

Interested in purchasing fares in bulk for groups or clients? Send an email to or call (402)341-7560 ext. 2215. Orders will be promptly filled and delivered by certified mail.

For Accounts Receivable and ticket order issues, call (402)341-7560 ext. 2215 and leave a message.

Find Your Nearest Vendor

Purchase fares or reload your Metro pass at one of our vendor locations throughout the Omaha metro.
Type your address in the search bar below or allow location sharing to find a vendor nearest you.

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Fare Location Types:

  • Full-Service Vendor

  • Paper Fares

  • Ticket Vending Machine

  • Umo Reload