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Fares & Passes

Your Ticket to Ride

Taking the bus is an affordable, easy and convenient way to get around town. Metro fares and passes can be bought online, from a participating local vendor or right at the farebox when you board the bus. 

Learn more about our fare options, money-saving pass programs and where to find your nearest Metro vendor below. 

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Purchase Fares and Passes Online

Fare and Pass Prices

Please use exact change if paying with cash. Fareboxes will issue a value card in the amount of cash overpayment, which can be used as a future fare credit. Value cards are valid for 90 days and not redeemable for cash. 

  • Half-fares are available for eligible riders. Metro-issued photo IDs must be shown to the operator when you pay your fare and can be obtained at Metro’s office.
  • Transfers are issued by the farebox and provide continuous travel in the same direction on as many as three buses. Weekday transfers are valid for 90 consecutive minutes. Weekend transfers are valid for 120 consecutive minutes. 

Vendor Locations

Hand taking ticket from machine

Full-Service Vendor

Buy passes in person. Contact the vendor to ensure your desired pass type is available for purchase.

Find Your Nearest Vendor

Purchase fares or reload your Metro pass at one of our vendor locations throughout the Omaha metro.
Type your address in the search bar below or allow location sharing to find a vendor nearest you.

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Fare Location Types:

  • Full-Service Vendor