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Connecting You to the Omaha Metro

The Metro bus system offers service to more than 2,500 bus stops across the Omaha metro area. 

Whether you’re heading to work, going to school, running errands or anything in between, Metro will connect you to the places and people that matter most to you.

Get Moving with Metro

Frequently Asked Questions

Are face coverings required to ride the bus?

Masks are recommended when riding Metro buses and MOBY paratransit and to access Metro facilities, including transit centers, ORBT Stations, bus shelters, and Metro’s office.

Masks are no longer required on public transportation after a court ruling on April 18, 2022. 

How do I know when and where to catch Metro?

Please see Maps & Schedules, use MyRide OMA, or call Metro Customer Service at 402-341-0800 or 402-341-0807 (TDD).

Are Metro buses wheelchair accessible?

  • Yes! Every bus has a ramp and space for two wheelchairs. In addition, the buses can kneel — the front door lowers for easier access.
  • If you want to use the ramp or have the bus kneel, please ask the bus driver when the front door opens, and they will activate these features for you.
  • If a disability prevents you from traveling on a bus, Metro operates MOBY, a shared, ADA complementary paratransit service.

Learn more about MOBY        Accessibility on Metro

Is there priority seating?

Priority seating for people who are elderly or have a disability is located in the front of the bus and designated by a decal posted in the windows directly adjacent to the seats.

How do I know I am boarding the correct bus?

The destination and route number are displayed on digital signs located above the windshield and to the left of the front door.  Some buses also have the route number on the rear. If the route number on the bus matches the number shown on your schedule or trip planner, hail your bus! Learn more on our How to Ride page.

How much does it cost to ride Metro?

A single ride on Metro costs $1.25 for an adult. For a full list of ticket prices, visit our Fares & Passes page.

Where do I pay my fare?

Starting Sept. 20, 2021, you have the contactless option to pay via the Umo app or smart card. The Umo reader is located at the front of hte bus.

  • With the app: Pull up your app’s QR code from the Directions home screen or within the Wallet. Hold your phone up to the camera on the Umo reader. Place the QR code within the white brackets on the screen until the reader registers your fare.
  • With a smart card: Tap your card at the bottom half of the reader. Umo smart card users will not swipe their cards at the card swipe option attached to the Umo reader.

Learn How to Use Umo

You can also pay with cash at the farebox, which is located at the front of the bus next to the driver.

Fareboxes accept U.S. currency, including all coins and bills up to $20, and Metro fare cards. The top of the farebox has three slots:

  • The lower slot accepts coins;
  • The middle slot accepts dollar bills;
  • The top slot accepts and activates fare cards and value cards. Once activated, passes must be swiped in the magnetic swipe slot.

Do I pay to transfer?

If you wish to transfer, ask your driver for a transfer card at the beginning of your trip, pay the transfer fare of 25 cents, and take the transfer card issued by the farebox.

For further details, please see our How to Ride.

How do I signal the bus driver I want to get off?

  • About a block before you want to get off, alert the driver by pulling the cord or pushing the stop button.
  • Remain seated until the bus is stopped — the driver will open the rear door for exiting. 
  • Once off the bus, be sure to not cross in front of the bus.

Do Metro buses stop in construction zones?

For the safety of our riders, Metro operators do not pick up or drop off in construction zones. The next available bus stop can be found on MyRide OMA or stop closure stickers adhered to closed bus stop signs. As always, you can ask your driver or call Customer Service!

How do I access Wi-Fi on Metro buses and at transit centers?

You can access Metro’s free Wi-Fi by finding your bus or transit center in your device’s Wi-Fi settings.

  • On buses, look for “Metro_Bus#” (ex. “Metro_1801”)
  • At transit centers, look for “Metro_TransitCenter” (ex. “Metro_Westroads)

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