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Passenger Rules

Metro is committed to providing safe, affordable, reliable, clean and accessible service throughout the Omaha metro. For your safety and ours, please observe Metro’s rules for all passengers riding the bus. Always respect other passengers and your driver. Disruptive, abusive, vulgar, derogatory and/or threatening behavior will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the bus.

On board, please:

  • Have fare, passes, and IDs ready before boarding
  • Yield priority seating to seniors and people with disabilities
  • Do not talk to the driver when the bus is moving
  • Stand behind the white line while the bus is in motion
  • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Use headphones with all audio devices
  • Cage all pets and animals, unless they are service animals
  • Secure and store strollers and carts out of the aisle

Remember, no:

  • Rude, abusive, or vulgar language or behavior
  • Guns, firearms or weapons
  • Defacing, marring or damaging any part of the bus
  • Eating — all food must be in a container
  • Drinking; unless in a container with a lid
  • Smoking or vaping, littering, or soliciting
  • Flammable liquids, hazardous items or fuel-powered devices

K-12 Students:

Please review our K-12 Rider Responsibilities – thank you for riding safely!

Bike Share and Electric Scooters

Heartland B-cycle bikes and electric scooters can be great tools for people to travel around town and to assist transit riders with the first or last mile of their trip.

All Metro and ORBT buses are equipped with racks for standard and electric bicycles, including Heartland B-cycle bikes.

Foldable bikes, foldable scooters, foldable bike trailers, skateboards, hover boards, inline skates, and roller skates may be carried on Metro vehicles. They:

  • May not be used or worn on Metro vehicles or at Metro facilities
  • Must be kept out of aisles and wheelchair zones
  • Must be folded if possible
  • Must be secured by the owner while on board.