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Route 97 - Millard Express

Route Highlights

  • Downtown
  • West Q Street
  • Boulder Creek Park & Ride
  • Millard South High School
  • 153rd Street Park & Ride

Park & Ride Locations

Metro Office and Transit Centers

Rider Alerts

Route 97 Modification: 153rd Street Park & Ride

Effective Monday, November 1st, afternoon trips on Route 97 will be modified around the 153rd Street Park & Ride for safer navigation at signalized intersections.

Instead of using the current counter-clockwise loop to reach the Park & Ride, buses will take a clockwise loop around the 153rd Street Park & Ride area. From Q Street, buses will turn right on 156th, right on Orchard, and continue onto S. 153rd to the Park & Ride lot for passenger drop off.

This modified route matches morning trips on Route 97. The Park & Ride location will not change.

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8th & Farnam Detour

Effective Monday, August 5, Douglas Street will be closed from 10th to 8th Streets, and 8th street will be closed from Douglas to Farnam due to the Gene Leahy Mall reconstruction project. The closure will be in effect for two years. During this time, route 94 will operate the following detour:

Eastbound: Regular route to 14th & Douglas, east to 13th, north to Cuming, west to Metro garage.

The following bus stops will be temporarily out of service: 10th & Douglas SW, 8th & Douglas SW, 8th & Farnam NW


Westbound: East on Cuming from Metro garage to 10th Street, south to Dodge, west to resume regular route.

The following bus stop will be temporarily closed:

8th & Farnam NW