Passenger Rules

  1. Always respect other passengers and your driver.
    • Disruptive, abusive, vulgar, derogatory, and / or threating behavior will not be tolerated
    • Such behavior may result in removal from the bus
  2. You MUST:
    • Not talk to the driver when the bus is moving
    • Stand behind white line while the bus is in motion
    • Remain seated until bus comes to a complete stop
    • Use head / ear phones with all audio devices
    • Cage all pets / animals, unless it is a service animal
    • Secure and store strollers and carts out of aisle
  3. No:
    • Guns, firearms or weapons
    • Defacing, marring or damaging any part of bus
    • Eating, all food must be bagged
    • Drinking unless in a container with a lid
    • Smoking, littering or soliciting
    • Flammable liquids, hazardous items or fuel powered devices