October 28, 2020

Beginning on November 18, Metro will temporarily modify Route 92 to align with the launch of ORBT and respond to changing ridership patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Route 92 & COVID-19

Ridership on Route 92 has been down about 90% since late March, when many people began working from home. In response, Route 92 has operated a reduced schedule of four weekday trips to maintain baseline service. As employees gradually return to work, many of their travel needs and work schedules may be different than before, and Route 92 will be modified in an effort to better accommodate the range of travel needs.

“These new trip options will provide increased flexibility for our riders,” said Metro’s CEO, Lauren Cencic. “We want to be open and adaptable in a situation that continues to evolve, understanding that the bus schedule that worked for riders last year may no longer be the best solution.”

Route Modifications

Route 92 will serve the Westroads Transit Center instead of continuing downtown, offering immediate connections with ORBT for service along Dodge Street. This modification will also allow riders to connect with Routes 4, 5, and 14 at the Transit Center, which opens  up new destinations not currently available for west Omaha commuters.

All trips will travel westbound when serving the First National Bank Park & Ride near 144th & Dodge, and buses will no longer travel eastbound on FNB Parkway or serve California Street between 132nd and 137th Streets.

The daily number of bus trips on Route 92 will increase to ten per weekday, an increase from eight trips per weekday offered prior to the onset of COVID-19.

At this time, express trips will continue to be available only during rush hour on weekdays, but Metro is exploring the potential for additional mid-day trip times in the future.

Rider Information

For those that may need broader flexibility, parking will be available at Westroads Mall so riders can park and ride ORBT, which will offer frequent day and evening service all days of the week.

To view the new Route 92 schedule beginning November 18, click here. Additional questions can be directed to Metro’s customer service at 402.341.0800.