April 28, 2022

At the April meeting, Metro’s Board of Directors voted to adopt the MetroNEXT Plan. This plan will guide transit investments and priorities to 2030 for the Omaha area.

This plan came out of a yearlong strategic planning and public engagement initiative to improve transit in the Omaha region. Over the last year, Metro has hosted 20 meetings for the public to gain feedback about a variety of aspects of transit.

The resulting plan, built on extensive analysis and community input, outlines 14 main projects that the agency plans to implement by 2030:

  • Improved signage at all bus stops
  • Policy allowing MOBY clients to ride the bus fare-free
  • Permanent funding for the K-12 Rides Free program
  • Coordination of regional vanpooling
  • Adding 50 new bus shelters with real-time arrival displays
  • Expanding evening and weekend service
  • Return of most routes to pre-COVID schedules
  • 24th Street transit corridor enhancements
  • Frequency improvements on Routes 3, 4, 13, 15, + 30
  • Extension of Route 30 to serve McKinley Road
  • Expansion of Service to Eppley Airport
  • Extension of 92 Express service to Elkhorn
  • Fort Street Express route
  • Study of 72nd Street transit corridor enhancements

“MetroNEXT is aspirational – it calls for a large investment in transit and a coordinated effort among community stakeholders – but it is achievable,” said Lauren Cencic, Metro’s CEO. “We’re excited to establish this shared vision to deliver better transit for a more connected region.”

The MetroNEXT Plan and executive summary, as well as more information about the MetroNEXT process, can be found at ometro.com/MetroNEXT.