A photo of a new Heartland Bike Share station at the 72nd westbound ORBT Station with an ORBT bus driving past

June 6, 2022

ORBT stations will soon be providing more than just bus rides – 14 new Heartland Bike Share stations and 100 new e-bikes will be introduced along the ORBT route this summer to provide more connectivity across Omaha.

The project will improve links between popular destinations such as the Old Market, Blackstone, Dundee, Crossroads, the Keystone Trail, and the broader bike share network.

“These new bike share stations will offer vital first & last mile connections for ORBT riders, improving connections between ORBT Stations and the surrounding neighborhoods,” said Lauren Cencic, Metro CEO. “This project provides a more seamless experience for riders on both the bus and bike share systems.”

The installation of these new bike share stations and addition of 100 e-bikes was coordinated through a partnership between Metro, Heartland Bike Share, and the City of Omaha. This project was financially supported by a generous grant from The Nebraska Environmental Trust and additional funds from Metro.

“We’re thrilled to provide more ways for folks to travel with this bike share and ORBT partnership,” said Benny Foltz, Executive Director of Heartland Bike Share. “As bike share evolves into more of a public transit option, we are seeing more riders and trips, especially with the growing number of e-bikes at our stations.”

E-bikes assist the rider as they pedal up to 17 miles per hour, making it easier to tackle hills and travel long distances. Electric pedal-assist bikes open riding up to a new type of rider, ones who may not have been comfortable riding prior to the gentle assist of electric pedal-assist bikes. There are now 300 electric pedal-assist bikes in the Heartland Bike Share system. With faster travel on bikes and new connections to ORBT, members of the community will have improved travel options across Omaha.

A map of the ORBT route showing new Heartland Bike Share stations as well as existing bike share stations near or on the ORBT route

Members of the media are invited to join representatives from Metro and Heartland Bike Share at the westbound ORBT stop at the Keystone Trail on Tuesday, June 7th at 9 a.m. for demonstrations and in-person interviews.