Bus Stops relocated due to ORBT Construction

In preparation for ORBT construction on Dodge and Douglas Streets, bus stops near future ORBT stations will be relocated for pedestrian and rider safety.

Stop relocation will take place on Thursday, August 1st and Friday, August 2nd.  Please see the list below for affected stops:



33rd & Dodge NE –Relocated east of current location at 32nd Ave NE.  Additional stop located at 34th & Dodge NE

42nd & Dodge NE – Relocated to the northwest corner

49th & Dodge NE – Use 48th & Dodge NE or 50th & Dodge NW

62nd & Dodge NW – Use 66th & Dodge NW

72nd & Dodge NW – Relocated west of current location

84th & W Dodge Road NE – Relocated east of current location

90th & W Dodge Road NW – Relocated to the northeast corner



90th & W Dodge Road SE – Relocated east of current location

72nd & Dodge SE – Relocated to 70th & Dodge SW

49th & Dodge SW – Use 50th & Dodge SW or 48th & Dodge SW

Park & Douglas SW – Relocated to the southeast corner

24th & Douglas SE – Relocated east of current location

19th & Douglas SW – Relocated to 18th & Douglas SW