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The Omaha area is changing. COVID-19 has illuminated the importance of safe and reliable transportation – especially for essential workers and those seeking critical services. With the recent launch of our first ORBT line, now is the time to assess our transportation network and prepare for what’s next. We’re calling the process MetroNEXT.  

Throughout 2021we’ll continue to work with community members to build upon the vision established through ConnectGOMetroNEXT will consist of four rounds of explorationculminating in a final plan in early 2022. Based on public feedback, this plan will identify short and long-term improvements to guide our agency for the coming years. 

A timeline graphic of the MetroNEXT initiative. Round 1 was this spring and focused on understanding the landscape. Future rounds include Round 2 in early fall, focusing on framing the transit network; Round 3 in late fall, focusing on supporting additional connections; and Round 4 this winter focusing on finalizing the path forward. The timeline culminates in a MetroNEXT Plan in 2022.

Status Update

To kick off the MetroNEXT initiative, Round 1 established a common baseline by reviewing ridership numbers, demographics, and other factors influencing the services we provide.  

The community feedback period for Round 1 was from March 25th to April 8th. Check out what we heard from the community in our first round! 

Feedback in Round 1 helped identify 15 corridors for potential enhanced service. Through technical evaluation and stakeholder input, our staff has identified 24th Street as our next priority transit corridor. Learn more about the evaluation process and what will come next. 

Community Engagement

Community feedback is vital to MetroNEXT. During Round 1, three virtual meetings were held, and we received nearly 600 comments to help shape our efforts. 

Engagement with the public will continue to be a key part of the remaining rounds. Stay tuned for more ways to share your input! 

Rounds of Exploration

Round 1: Understanding the Landscape

To kick off the MetroNEXT initiative, Round 1 established a common baseline by reviewing ridership numbers, demographics, and other factors influencing the services we provide. With the feedback we’ve received, we’ll consider future ORBT corridors and other high-frequency service opportunities. 

The community feedback period for Round 1 was available from March 25th to April 8thCheck out what we heard from the community in our first round! 

View a recording of one of the Round 1 meetings here. 

The presentation used during Round 1 can be downloaded here. 

Round 2: Framing the Transit Network

In the second round of MetroNEXT, we’ll identify priority transit corridors and consider fixed-route modifications to evolve our transit network & better serve riders in the future. 

Early Fall 2021

Round 3: Supporting Additional Connections

After drafting our future route network, we will explore strategies to improve connections across the region and provide a better experience for riders, including bus stop improvements, technology upgrades, and new types of transit to serve low-density areas of our community.

Late Fall 2021

Round 4: Finalizing the Path Forward

For the final round of MetroNEXT, we will consider multiple alternatives and identify our preferred strategies to guide our agency into the future. 

Winter 2021


Curious to learn more about MetroNEXT? View our Frequently Asked Questions document:   English | Spanish


Contributing Plans

Improvements to public transit have been studied through a variety of previous community efforts. We’re exploring ideas & recommendations from these sources, which provide great context for our work. 

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