March 23, 2021

The Transit Authority of the City of Omaha, d/b/a Metro (“Metro”), is requesting Quotes from qualified offeror teams to furnish the tools, equipment, manpower and supervision to install 11 sets of vinyl bus graphics on new Metro buses, 2 sets of vinyl on MOBY paratransit vans, and 8 sets of vinyl on passenger vehicles. The graphics will be supplied to the offeror by Metro. The production of graphics is not included in this RFQ.

The successful offeror selected will install the graphics at the Metro facility, located at 2222 Cuming St, Omaha NE. Installation is expected to take place between the hours of 8am and 5pm CT, Monday through Friday. Other hours and days may be negotiated between the offeror and the project manager, the Director of Maintenance.

Vehicles under this procurement are in Metro’s possession and are ready to have vinyl installed. Metro will furnish the successful offeror with bus specifications; clean, clear, well-lit areas to perform the install; and the graphics. All other tools, equipment, manpower and supervision will be supplied by the offeror. There will be no graphic production associated with this RFQ.

Vehicle Vinyl Graphics Install RFQ (03/23/2021)