September 13, 2021

Metro seeks a vendor who will provide 17 wireless access points (APs), 10 indoor rated and 7 outdoor rated, as well as any necessary service and/or software subscriptions for a period of 3 years. Outdoor rated APs must be rated IP65 at a minimum. Mounting hardware for attaching indoor APs to suspended ceiling rail (15/16” wide) must be provided, like Aruba AP-MNT-MP10-B Campus AP mount bracket. Mounting hardware for attaching outdoor APs to a solid surface must be provided, like Aruba AP-MNT-MP10-D Campus AP mount bracket.

The Wi-Fi mesh system must be controllerless and use Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) signal. APs must have the capability to be powered by either power over ethernet (POE) or a DC power connection. DC power adapters must be provided if sold separately. APs must have power usage monitoring capabilities. APs must be able to support multiple service set identifiers (SSIDs) on a radio, SSIDs must be able to be segregated from one another.

APs must provide a minimum speed of 4Gbps with 5GHz radio and 1000Mbps on 2.4GHz radio. Must be WPA3 capable. 5GHz radio must use 4×4:4 MIMO, 2.4GHz must use 2×2:2 MIMO. APs must be configurable through central management platform.  APs must be able to automatically manage radio frequency to optimize Wi-Fi signal. APs must be compatible with existing network architecture. See RFQ for current network architecture.

Building Wi-Fi Mesh System RFQ (Uploaded 09/13/2021)
Exhibit B Clarification Metro Response (Uploaded 09/21/2021)
New Bid Sheet (Uploaded 09/21/2021)