Bike Walk Nebraska and Metro Smart Cities have partnered on a protected bikeway on Harney Street from Midtown to Downtown Omaha. The bikeway is also served by Metro Routes 15, 18, and 30.

If you’re taking the bus along Harney Street, please travel safely and follow the instructions below:

  • Your bus stop may have moved* – find your bus stop sign located in the Passenger Loading Area
  • Wait for your bus in the Passenger Waiting Area along the curb
  • Enter the Passenger Loading Area via the crosswalk when the bus arrives (operators will watch for waiting passengers)
  • When exiting, wait for the bus to depart before crossing the street at the crosswalk
  • Be aware of cyclists traveling in either direction along the bikeway

*New bus stop locations:

  • Park Ave & Harney SE
  • 27th Ave & Harney SE
  • 25th & Harney SE
  • 24th & Harney SW
  • 19th & Harney SW
  • 17th & Harney SE
  • 15th & Harney SW
  • 14th & Harney SE

Affected Routes

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