A transfer is required for persons riding more than one bus to reach their destination. A transfer must be paid for when the fare is deposited and is issued by the farebox. The backside of the transfer has the following information: time issued, date, bus number, route number and the time the transfer expires.

Transfer Rules

  • Not good for stopovers.
  • No round trips allowed. Good for travel only in one general direction.
  • Transfer must be secured at time fare is paid.
  • Customers must transfer at the first point of contact with the route they want to transfer to and only at designated transfer points. Transfer points and connecting routes are listed on every schedule.
  • FRAUDULENT USE; No person shall sell, trade, exchange, give away or offer for passage a transfer in violation of the rules of the Authority.
  • Keep transfer in presentable condition.
  • In case of dispute, customer is required to pay fare and notify the main administrative office at 341-0800.