Transit Safety & Security

Metro Transit takes the safety of all our riders very seriously. We work closely with the Federal Transit Administration to make sure we are following all of the latest guidelines and best practices. We are committed to keeping you safe.

Identifying and Reporting Suspicious Items

Items and devices that cause suspicion have the potential to contain or be a part of an improvised explosive device. These items should be reported immediately to appropriate authorities.

Packages that are a cause for concern are any bag, container, object, letter or box that can’t be identified as belonging to anyone in the vicinity. Particular attention should be given to packages that:

  • are placed in out-of-the way locations where they are not easily seen
  • are accompanied by a threatening message or slogan
  • contain blueprints; photographs or diagrams such as entrances to facilities, security systems
  • have peculiar odors, such as almonds, shoe polish, etc.
  • are lopsided or lumpy in appearance
  • have visible wires, batteries or timers attached
  • are abandoned by someone who quickly leaves the scene
  • have tanks, bottles or bags visible
  • are discolored or have unusual oily stains
  • emit a ticking or aerosol release noise
  • are common objects in uncommon locations, such as baby strollers or back packs
  • are uncommon objects in common locations, e.g., beakers or vials
  • are addressed with cut and paste lettering and/or have common words misspelled
  • have excessive postage
  • have a different return address than the postmark

Identifying and Reporting Suspicious Behavior

One of the best ways for you to help in the war against terrorism is to become more aware of your surroundings. When you are out, take the time to look around. Do you know where the closest exit is? Does anything appear out of the ordinary? Is anyone around you acting in a suspicious manner?

If you see something suspicious, take in all of the details about the situation that you can, and report the information to the police immediately. Report as many details as possible.

If you are reporting a suspicious person, report:

  • the location and time of the occurrence
  • a description of the situation
  • the activity that caused suspicion
  • the person’s:
  • sex, approximate age, and approximate height and weight
  • hair color
  • clothing style and color
  • direction of movement when last seen

If you are reporting suspicious circumstances, report:

  • The location and time of the occurrence
  • A description of the situation
  • What it was that caused you to be suspicious

Your ability to report as much information as possible to the police as soon as possible may make the critical difference in stopping terrorism before it occurs.