• A transfer costs twenty-five cents (25¢)
  • You must deposit the extra 25¢ with your fare and ask the bus driver for a transfer
  • Transfers are issued by the farebox
  • A transfer provides continuous travel in the same direction on as many as three (3) buses
  • Monday – Friday, a transfer is good for 90 consecutive minutes
  • Saturday and Sunday, a transfer is good for 120 consecutive minutes
  • The backside of the transfer has the following information:
    • time issued,
    • date,
    • bus number,
    • route number and
    • the time the transfer expires



When transferring between two routes at transit enter, simply stand near the designated stop for the route you wish to board.



Where two or more routes intersect outside a transit center, the designated transfer point is identified by a transfer sign and the routes you can transfer to at the bus stop.



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