Metro Partners


Commuter Pass Program

Save money and commute smarter with the new Metro Partners Commuter pass. This 30 consecutive-day transit pass provides unlimited rides on all express and local bus service, 7 days per week. Monthly purchases are tax deductible to employers and tax-free for employees!

Enjoy your Commute

Who needs the stress of driving in traffic, or the hassle of finding a parking space? Make better use of your commute by riding the bus. You can read a book, visit with a friend, catch up on work, or even text and ride!

How You Save

Participating organizations, or Metro Partners, receive discounted rates when purchasing commuter passes for a group of at least 10 employees. Metro Partners can also purchase discounted bus advertisements, seen by thousands in the Omaha area every day! Metro offers three discount levels according to the number of monthly participants.

Discount Level Participant Number Discount Percentage Price per Pass
($55.00 Value)¹
Bus Advertising Discount ²
A 150+ 25% $41.25 25%
B 50-149 15% $46.75 15%
C 10-49 10% $49.50 10%

¹ Price per pass shall be subject to any system wide fare increases enacted by Metro during the term of the agreement. Metro Partners will receive the applicable discount percentage applied to the value of the Adult 30 Day pass in effect at the date of purchase.

² To qualify for the bus advertising discount, Metro Partners must agree to include the “Metro Partners” logo on all bus advertisements, representing a minimum of 5% of the total ad space. Final advertising designs are subject to approval by Metro. Ad placement is subject to availability. Discount does not include production costs, which are the sole responsibility of the Applicant.

For more information on bus advertising, contact Houck Transit Advertising at 800.777.7290

Pass Payment Options

Metro currently offers three pass payment options to meet your unique needs.

Organizer-paid is a simple option by which the partnering business or organization provides the passes to interested participants at no cost. The employer’s purchases are fully tax deductible and are not included as gross income for employees.

Employee pre-tax allows employees to use pre-tax income to purchase their individual passes, therefore reducing both taxable income and payroll taxes.

Cost-Sharing splits the cost of the passes between the partnering organization and its participants, combining the tax advantages of the first and second payment options.

For more information on tax implications, see the Transportation (Commuting) Benefits section of the 2015 Employer’s Tax Guide to Fringe Benefits.

Getting Started

To begin, Metro Partners must commit to 12 months of participation at a baseline discount level. As the program grows, Metro Partners may advance to a higher discount level at any time, but must not drop below their original monthly commitment.

Contact Us!

We are happy to assist any business interested in learning more about the Metro Partners program. For more information or to set up a meeting, contact Evan Schweitz at or call 402.341.0800 ext. 2702.