Weather Alert: Monday, February 2nd

Monday Morning Service:  Because of slick and snow packed streets, routes listed below will be deviated.  Please be aware that routes and buses may be running slow.  Below are the routes that are being deviated.

Route 2: 

 Buses will stay on Dodge Street at 84th Street and bypass Methodist Hospital.  

Route 3: 

Southbound – Regular route to 42nd & Paxton Blvd., right to Fontenelle Blvd., left to Bedford Ave., left to 45th St., right on route.

Northbound – Regular route to 45th & Bedford, left to Fontenelle Blvd., right to Paxton Blvd., right to 42nd, left on route.

Route 5:

Westbound – Regular Route to 42nd St. & Sorensen Parkway, Left to 52nd and on route.

Eastbound – Reverse above.

No Service – Curtis Ave. (42nd to 52nd ) & 42nd (Sorenson to Curtis)

Route 7: 

Clockwise from M.C.T.C. – Regular route to 30th & Washington, continue on 30th to Harrison, right on route.

Counter Clockwise – Regular route to 30th & Harrison, left to Washington, continue on route.

No Service from 30th &Washington to 27th & Harrison, Harrison from 27th to 30th

Route 8:  

Westbound – Regular route to 40th & Ames, continue on Ames to Fontenelle Blvd., right to Sorenson, left to 60th St, left on 60th to Hartman, onto route. Eastbound – Reverse above.

Eastbound – Reverse above.

Route 9:  

Southbound – Regular route to 24th and Poppleton, Continue to Martha. Left on Martha to 20th St. Right onto the regular route.

Northbound – Regular route to 20th & Martha, left on Martha to 24th St, right on 24th St to regular route at Poppleton.

No service 20th from Martha to Poppleton, Poppleton 20th to 24th

Route 11:

No Service to Bob Kerry Pedestrian Bridge.

Route 35: 

Southbound – Regular route to 33rd Ave and Lake St, Continue to 33rd St. Right on 33rd St to Regular route.

Northbound – Regular Route