Proposed Transit Improvements

You talked, we listened. 

The past several months have been exciting for Metro as we’ve been working to analyze the specific elements of the Proposed Transit Improvements. Through our public involvement process, you gave us numerous suggestions and ideas we’re incorporating into our proposed system redesign. We’ve been working hard to address the top concerns of our customers, while at the same time staying within our guiding principles. As a reminder, here’s what our customers most commonly requested:

1. More service on weekends

2. End service later on weekdays

3. More frequent service on weekdays

In response, many routes will see extended night service until midnight or later, and all weekend routes will run at least once an hour!

However, some routes have been modified or discontinued in order to re-distribute resources to serve the most customers. Metro remains committed to implementing all improvements without raising customer fares or local taxes. 

As you can imagine, reviewing all of the feedback we received and redesigning such a complex system takes time. In order to ensure we get it right, the timeline for any system improvements has changed and will likely take effect in early spring of 2015.

You’ll have plenty of time to review our updated proposals and voice your opinions at future public hearings that are tentatively scheduled for mid-November at various locations to be announced.

In the near future, we’ll post more detailed information about the proposed improvements and let you know when and where the Public Hearings will be conducted. Until then, thanks for providing us with your feedback to help improve public transit in the City of Omaha.

As a reminder, here are the draft Proposed Transit Improvements as presented in May 2014:

Click here to view a summary of the May 2014 Proposed Transit Improvements.

Haga clic aquí para ver un resumen de los cambios propuestos en español.

Proposed Route 2 

Proposed Route 3 

Proposed Route 4 

Proposed Route 5

Proposed Route 7

Proposed Route 8 

Proposed Route 9 

Proposed Route 11 

Proposed Route 13 

Proposed Route 14 

Proposed Route 15 

Proposed Route 16 

Proposed Route 18 

Proposed Route 22

Proposed Route 24

Proposed Route 25 

Proposed Route 26

Proposed Route 30

Proposed Route 32 

Proposed Route 34 

Proposed Route 35

Proposed Route 36 

Proposed Route 55 

Proposed Route 92

Proposed Route 94 

Proposed Route 96 

Proposed Route 97 

Proposed Route 98 

No changes are recommended for Routes Blue, Yellow, 93 Express, or 95 Express at this time.